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Cassius Riley Net Worth, Age, Ethnicity, Relationship, Height, Parents, and Career

The son of Morgan O’Kane and Domino Kirke is named Cassius Riley. His mum, Domino, just got married to the famous Penn Badgley, who played serial stalker Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s hit show You. Read Cassius Riley’s full history to learn about his age, his parents, his net worth, his relationships, and more.

A Few Facts

Real NameCassius Riley
Nick NameCassius 
Famous AsCelebrity Child
Age11-years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignN/A
Body MeasurementsN/A
Biceps SizeN/A
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe SizeN/A
Net WorthN/A
HobbiesPlaying Video Games, Sleeping

The Story of Cassius Riley

In 2009, Cassius Riley was born. Domino had to raise her son by herself after she and Morgan broke up. He has turned eleven. Simon Kirke and Lorraine Kike are his grandfather and grandmother. His great-grandmother, Olive May, was Israeli, and his great-grandfather, Vivian Percy Kirke, was also a well-known media figure. Rafaella Israel Mosberg and Memphis Kirke Mosberg are Riley’s cousins.

Cassius has a mixed background and is an American. He might be in the fifth or sixth grade. Cassius is a young man who is at the time going to his usual classes. He also lives with his mother and stepfather, Penn Badgley, who is both an actor and a singer. He also played Dan Humphery on The CW’s teen soap series Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012. He seems to be growing up in a healthy place and to enjoy spending time with his family.

Riley, Cassius Height, Weight

What does Cassius Riley look like? The size of Cassius Riley’s body shows that he is still growing. His skin colour is light. He also has pretty blue eyes and brown hair. There is still not enough information. She is very cute, though, and has a slim body. He will definitely be as strong as his father and as handsome as his father.


Cassius is too young to work. He’ll be a good kid who will go on to be a star. He is now finished with school. His favourite things to do are travel and fishing. He likes Johnny Deep and Angelina Julie. He likes Mexican food and Miami a lot.

We know that his father can play music well. He is the son of Morgan O’Kane. Some of his songs are Nine Lives, The One They Call the Wind, and Outsiders. His many collections show that he has done well in his work. Morgan has also been in movie and TV shows. He was in Louie’s pilot. It ran for five seasons. Taker’s Creed, the theme song for OUTSIDERS, was written by Morgan.

Morgan is a banjo-playing Virginian. He lives in Brooklyn and likes to play on the streets and in the tube. He plays music, is an agitator, and yells. He stays linked to his Appalachian roots and fights against mountaintop removal mining, just like his influential Aunt Molly. Domino Kirke is an English-American singer and musician who was born in London. She is Cassius’s mother. 1987 was the year she was born. She helped start the indie-pop band DOMINO.

Domino’s job in music is going well. She is on the Fun Machine label run by Andres Levin. She is in a band with Jordan Galland, and she and Mark Ronson made an EP together. The Guard is the name of her EP by herself. The 31-year-old artist got her start when she was 9. LaGuardia was her high school. Domino moved on after she and Morgan broke up. In 2014, she began dating Penn Badgley, and in 2017, they got married.

Penn is an actor and singer. On social media, they post pictures of Cassius. Facebook and Instagram show them both at the same time. Penn is close to his stepfather Cassius. The birthday message for Penn’s son made me cry. He thanked the boy for making his life and that of his wife more fun. Cassius is close to his father. They show each other pictures from their trips.

How Much Will Cassius Riley Make in 2023?

Cassius comes from a rich family. Even though the 12-year-old doesn’t make any money on his own, he and his parents have a very nice life. On the other hand, people say that his mother is worth about $1 million. On the other hand, as of January 2023, it is thought that his dad is worth $8 million.

Relationship Status of Cassius Riley

Penn Badgley is not Cassius’s real father. Morgan O’Kane is Domino’s first husband and the real father of their son Cassius. He makes music and lives in Brooklyn. He plays the banjo. In 2007, they met when Morgan was living in a squat on the Lower East Side of New York City. Later, Domino talked to him about working together. They fell in love at first sight and started going out together.

During their nearly three-year engagement, everything was done the way they wanted it to be. The choice to end the relationship, on the other hand, was made on the spot. Both of them agreed to keep living their lives. They didn’t say why they wanted to keep their privacy a secret.

Morgan says, “Choosing to stay in that world meant slowing down death.” He said that singing helped him live out his dream of seeing the world and taking care of his family. Domino Kirke and Penn Badley, on the other hand, got married in 2014. They were together for four years before they got married.

Cassius was also at the event where their parents said their vows to each other. Domino, Penn, and their child look like they are a happy family. They are going to have their first child soon. Of course, having a brother or sister to share everything with will be good for Cassius.

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