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What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn?

This post will tell you about what happened to Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kahn, similar to Damien Echols. Daniel Petry was a Brazilian kid from Blumenau, Santa Catarina. He was born in 1991, but I needed help finding the exact date when I did my study. I’ll add to this page whenever I learn something new about him.

When this terrible thing happened, Gabriel Kuhl was 12 years old. He lived in the same area as Daniel Petry, known for bad things. While playing the online game Tibia, Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kahn met online. So why did Daniel Petry kill Gabriel Kuhn? Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kahn, what happened to them? Let’s figure out what went wrong between these two friends:

What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn?

Gabriel Kuhl was a typical 12-year-old boy who lived in Daniel Petry’s neighborhood. The two met while playing Tibia, an online game. Gabriel once asked Daniel to lend him 20,000 Tibia, a virtual coin used online. Daniel said he would agree as long as Gabriel gave it back. Over time, Daniel started to ask for the virtual currency that Gabriel had promised him, but Gabriel kept it and cut Daniel off from his virtual relationships.

This made Daniel very angry, so at 9:30 a.m. on the day of the crime, he called his mother, Nova Trento, to ask when she would be there. Daniel knew he didn’t have much time, so he knocked on Gabriel’s door and asked if he could come in to say sorry and make things right. Gabriel opens the door and lets him in because they know each other and are friends. He soon felt terrible about what he had done. Daniel Petry closed and locked the door behind him and then attacked Gabriel in a very violent way.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn’s personalities and ways of life

Daniel Felipe Petry, the person who killed the people in the story, was born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Since he was a kid, he has been disobedient and violent. When he gets angry, he responds with a lot of violence. He also went to a psychiatrist for a few meetings but always quit and didn’t finish the treatment. The TV, Internet, and online games were where he went to feel safe and have fun. Gabriel Kuhn, who Daniel killed, was also born in 1995 in the same town.

He came from a solid home. The boy did well in school and was a good kid. He was very different from Daniel Patry. Even though Daniel was four years older, they lived in the same neighborhood and met through the online game Timid. They talk to each other a lot, but Gabriel Kuhn’s parents aren’t sure about him because they know how crazy Daniel, the neighbor’s son, is.

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now?

Resources showed that even though Daniel admitted the crime was his fault, he didn’t feel bad about it; he was only given three years in prison. This was said about him because of how he was acting in society. When asked about the vent, he said he would finish his revenge in hell before he was sent to jail. He also didn’t care much about the parents of Gabriel, the boy he killed.

6 Facts About Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn?

1- The murder of Gabriel Kuhn is getting much attention again after the evaluation report. He was the only person left alive after another murder.

2-The murder happened a long time ago, in 2007. However, people are still interested in the case because of certain things.

3-At that time, the case was getting a lot of attention from people in general.

4-According to sources, Daniel Patry, 16, killed Gabriel Kuhn, 12, after tormenting and bugging him for a month. It happened in Blumenau, Brazil, and it was all because of a game called Tibia.

5-Explicit sources say that Daniel killed Gabriel because he needed money after Gabriel took money from him to use in the game. However, Daniel didn’t care for Gabriel after that.

6-During the request, it was said that Daniel was a problem as a teen and that his parents tried to send him to a mental hospital, but he wouldn’t go.

What’s up with Daniel Petry?

We don’t know where Daniel Petry is as of 2022. The Brazilian court only gave Daniel Petry three years in a youth jail center. He was freed in 2010, but no one has seen or heard from him. There is nothing online, and killing a kid doesn’t get you in trouble for long.

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