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Hugo James Wentzel Private Life and Fortune

Amy Carter is the daughter of Jimmy Carter, who was the 39th President of the United States. Hugo James Wentzel is Amy’s son.

Find out more about his childhood, his relationships, his net worth, and the lives of his parents.

Early Years

Hugo James Wentzel was born in the USA on July 29, 1999. He is known to be Jimmy Carter’s grandson. Amy Lynn Carter and James Gregory Wentzel are his mom and dad.

Hugo’s mother is an activist in the United States. His dad works as an IT expert. Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter are his mom’s parents.

Hugo is Amy and James Wentzel’s only child. He was born in the United States and is of the white race. He went to school in Atlanta, Georgia, at Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Status of Relationship

Hugo James is currently happy to be single. He and his family still live a simple life. He’ll find the person who really loves him one day. He might try to get married in the next few days.

Parent’s Life

It was when Amy Carter and James Wentzel met upon attending Tulane. In 1996, they got married in their own house. Amy didn’t change her name to Wentzel, and she said that she didn’t belong to anyone.

On July 29, 1999, she had her only son, Hugo James Wentzel. They moved soon after to Atlanta, Georgia, and focused on raising Hugo.

Amy stopped going to as many public protests and political events because she was spending so much time on Hugo as a mother. She has been on the board of advisers for The Carter Center. It is a group that works to promote peace and human rights.

After how many years, Amy Carter and James Wentzel split up. They were lucky that they were able to get back together. They got married again.

Hugo James Wentzel The Work of Mother

Amy Carter works to help people. She began her work by thinking about things that were important in her country. During the 1980s and 1990s, she took part in sit-in protests.

She always stood up for racial equality. She spoke out against changing US policies that didn’t care about the anti-apartheid fight in South Africa and Central America. It put pressure on the government to change what it was doing in the world.

People paid a lot of attention to her hearing because it was in the news.

Amy was found not guilty of everything. Then, in 1996, she drew pictures for The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer, a story for kids written by her father.

She’s so excited that she has to raise her voice. She wanted the United States to keep going forward and make the world a better place.

Amy was also a commentator on foreign affairs, just like Robert Kagan. Amy stayed on the board of The Carter Center all the way up until today.

Hugo James Wentzel Total Worth of Mother

Hugo James Wentzel is still too young to know how much money he has. He’s not yet working. It means you won’t get paid for now.

As of 2019, his mother is thought to have a net worth of $7 million. Because of what she does for a living, she might make a lot of money. Hugo and his parents are living in style, that’s for sure.

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