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Nicfo Shop: Fake or Real? A Look at Nicfo Shop

If you’re here to find out whether Nicfo Shop is a scam or a real online shop, you’ve come to the right place. In this Nicfo Shop review, you’ll learn the whole truth, so you’ll know for sure whether Nicfo Shop is a scam or not.

Nicfo Shop is a sketchy online shop for the reasons below:

Information about the company:

Nicfo Shop has said that DOUJIAO TRADING business LIMITED is the name of its parent business. You should know that there are a lot of bad online stores that have the same name and address as their parent company. So, this is enough to tell you to stay away from this online store.

Items that are often scammed:

It turns out that a lot of the things it sells are also for sale on shady sites that have similar product pictures and descriptions.

Duplicate content:

It has a design and a lot of features that are similar to sites that have problems. Most of the material on the real sites is original, not just copied from other places.


Nicfo Shop sells a lot of cheap things, just like other sites that do the same thing.

No Social Media Presence:

Nicfo Shop hasn’t given the social media icons that lead to its social media group or pages. Most legitimate online stores have social media icons on their websites that lead to their business-related social media groups or pages.

Policy on returns and complaints from customers:

All sites like this one get the same kinds of complaints from customers about the low quality of the goods they send. Customers of these sites always complain about how bad their customer service is and how the items they send look nothing like what they show on their website. Because of this, they end up paying more for the items than they’re worth. Clients have also grumbled about how long it takes to get their orders and how useless their return policy is since they can’t get their money back in full. Not only that, but some customers have even said that they never got the goods they bought from these sites.


Because of the things we’ve already said, we think Nicfo Shop is a sketchy website. But if you know more about this company, please tell us about it in the area below for comments. We’d love to hear from you and help you avoid getting scammed online.

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