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Seabob F5 S is The Vacation Toy You Want To Bring With You.

Seabob F5 S

Do you like to see dolphins at the zoo or, better yet, do you like to swim in the ocean? Well, you could be one with the newest sporting toy when you go out on the water. With the Seabob F5 S, you can move quickly through and under the water while still being in charge.

It might look like an expensive toy for rich people who have to buy new tools all the time, regardless of how useful they are, but once you learn more about it, you might change your mind. The Seabob F5 S was made by the German company Cayago. It is a new, sportier form that beats its old, heavy flagship, the 64 kg F7.

Their newest model weighs 35 kg (15 lbs), and it works very well both on the surface of the water and when it’s submerged. The Seabob F5 S can be used in both small and big pools because it is said to be easy to control. It’s very easy to steer, and you can do it by moving your weight in any direction.

Don’t worry about the earth, either, because this watersports toy has no effect on nature and gives off no pollution. The device moves with the help of a unique F5 E-Jet Power System that uses the way water moves to move the device. In other words, high-pressure water is sucked into the jet path and pushes the seabobben in an excellent way.

Seabob can dive as deep as 40 meters (131 feet), but it is locked at 2.5 meters and can only be unlocked with a personal pin code. As for how it gets its power, the Seabob F5 S has a waterproof charging port on top, and it only takes 90 minutes to charge. It can go up to 20 km/h (12 mph) over water and up to 14 km/h (8.6 mph) underground. It has a battery life of an hour, which is about how long it takes to get tired.

We left the price for last because that’s always the part that hurts the most, doesn’t it? Well, it costs EUR 10,000 ($13,383), but it’s way cooler than a regular jet ski.

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