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These Are The 5 Best Websites And Apps That Are Like YesBackpage.

Here are the best sites like YesBackpage that you can use in 2022.

Classified ads are used to promote services and sell used goods, as well as to sell gadgets, real estate, and used goods. Still, we shouldn’t forget that Backpage wasn’t like most websites.

Backpage specialized in personal ads (dating), but it also helped people sell and buy all kinds of things, look into real estate, and even find jobs.

So, we’ve looked for options that are as close as possible to how the original platform worked.

Here are the best Backpage options for people who miss how easy the old site was to use.

Here is a list of reliable suggestions that will help you buy or sell things in a safe way.

So, here is a list of the 10 best options to Backpage in 2022.

1. Craigslist

Pros: Listings are easy and quick to make in a convenient location.

Cons: It’s hard to customize ads.
Price: With a few exceptions in some markets, all services are free.
Visit Web (online); Android; iOS.

Craigslist is without a question the most popular place for local sales through online classified ads.

There are a lot of different online groups for things like housing, jobs, personals, and services. Every 48 hours, you can renew your post for free. Renewals do not, however, make a post last longer than 30 days.

People can use the app, but it’s also a good choice for small businesses with only one location. A company with multiple locations might not be able to afford it because it would be hard to keep track of its stock.

Also, in March 2018, Craigslist got rid of personal ads so that people wouldn’t be able to sell prostitution and so that Backpage wouldn’t become what it is today. People are much safer when they buy and sell things now. Users still have problems with the website from time to time, so use common sense when using it.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Pros: It has an area for dating, has a lot of users, and is easy to use.

Cons: Communication is not organized, and buyers have no security.
Price: It doesn’t cost anything.
Visit: Web (online); Android; iOS.

With so many users, the Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to find, buy, and sell things in 2020. You can make classified ads on Facebook by going to the ‘Buy and Sell Groups’ section under the ‘Explore’ page.

In order to use this service, you will need to log in with your “real” Facebook page, which shouldn’t be a problem for most of you.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks because of how many people use it.
There are groups and societies that people can use to sell their goods and services.

Buyers who are interested can leave feedback or send the seller a direct message. The site has a messenger service that sellers and buyers use to talk to each other.

In 2018, Facebook made a dating site just for its own users. If you’re looking for an option to Backpage, you should know that Facebook also has dating ads in 2018.

3. The website FreeAdsTime.org

Pros: Barter deals are allowed, and each category is clear.

Cons: It’s only offered in some places.
Price: There is no charge.
Visit: Web (online).

It’s easy, free, and close to home to use FreeAdsTime. Up until now, it has mostly done business in the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada.

This alternative to Backpage now lets you post free local ads. Through the website, there are also services for importing and exporting. There are also services for trading goods and skills.

This is one of the best options to Backpage if you don’t want to get used to a new look or a completely different way to post ads. This site is a lot like Backpage in that it has different sections for things, jobs, rents, and more.

This site does not allow any kind of adult material. It’s also a pretty flexible site for classified ads that lets you look through listings and post free ads.

4. WallClassifieds.com

High traffic sites for classifieds are good.

Cons: It’s only offered in some places.
Price: This doesn’t cost anything.
Visit Web (online).

YesBackpage brings together a number of different advertising sites in one place. It lets people explore their choices on just one platform instead of having to switch between them.

When users do this, they can save time. You can also post ads for free on the site.

YesBackpage’s design rules are similar to those of big classified sites because it has a simple interface. Yes, Backpage has separate sections for adult services and dating services on top of its normal listings.

Users can also pick a new city to get better results. At the moment, only people from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK can use the site.

5. Locanto

Pros: The dating app is different from the dating website and has a nice interface. It also has personals.

Cons: It might be a little hard to use for the first time.
A free ad costs nothing, but a subscription costs $2.95 per month.
Visit: Web (online).

Locanto, a product that has been on the market since 2006, is made by Yalwa. Locanto started out as a site for local ads in US cities, but it quickly grew into a place for ads all over the world.

You can put a free ad on this website, which is now available in sixty countries and five languages.

For extra benefits, you have to pay $2.95 per month. As you might expect, you can also buy premium ads for $3.95 per week.

Also, Locanto is known for its personal ads. So that it doesn’t end up like Backpage, Locanto has a dating app that claims to help you meet a lot of different people. Every day, 75,000 people sign up for the app.


That’s the end of our list of the best sites like Backpage. Please feel free to tell us what you think in the comments part below.

When you sell or buy things online, don’t forget to stay safe.


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