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How Torrey DeVitto Juggles Acting in Movies, Being an Activist, And Farm Life

Torrey Devitto is not only one of the most popular actresses of the moment, but she is also a philanthropist and a change worker who helps her fans switch to living more intentionally and responsibly.

Torrey DeVitto, an actress and activist, enjoys her free time. This is why, instead of living in Hollywood, she lives on a 7.6-acre farm in Michigan. 

Devitto just finished her six seasons on NBC’s Chicago Med. Since then, she has acted in Skelly with Brian Cox and John Palladino from Succession and The Christmas Promise, a Hallmark movie with Patrick Duffy and Dylan Bruce.

But Devitto, 38, shines in his “downtime” on the farm. She has become a strong advocate for sustainable and cruelty-free living, as well as for women’s rights and conscious living. She does this through her Stream of Consciousness Sunday Instagram live streams, where she talks with activists, herbalists, psychologists, and other experts, intending to help her more than one million followers live healthier, happier, and more ethical lives.

How did you get into activism and work for sustainability?

TD: It all began. I was in my early 20s and working on set, but I didn’t feel thrilled. I got into a dark place in my mind. I quickly realized that I couldn’t let this business be the only thing in my life; I had to find something else to do.

So I started volunteering at a hospice and found that I liked having something else to get up for and something that had a reason.

I also realized that as my work grew, my voice for the things that were important to me got louder. So that’s where it started, and then it kind of trickled into stuff I cared about, like being a voice for animals, sustainability, environmental problems, and women’s rights. I don’t know how to stay still or keep quiet about these problems. So, when I can, I do what I can.

How do you keep everything in check? 

TD: I think that when you love something and are passionate about it, that’s like its own energy. But it’s okay to learn to say no, even if it’s something important to you, and to realize, “You know what? I’m tired, I need the day to myself.” Not worrying that I’m not doing enough has been a big part of how I’ve been able to keep going.

Can you talk about what you’ve done in your films and TV shows to make them more environmentally friendly? How much do you care about that?

TD: I’ve been to places where I didn’t think they were recycling, or when we were in Chicago Med, we asked for composting. They did that, too. I also always tell the person doing my hair or makeup that I only use items that don’t hurt animals.

And when I ask for help, I try to do the best I can and try not to stress out too much if things don’t go as planned because many things can go wrong. People sometimes say “yes” repeatedly, so you must be patient.

On set, I always bring my water bottle and try not to use the plastic ones they give me. Small things, like not writing scripts but using a device instead, are so important because they require a change in mindset.  

What part does the fashion business play in moving towards living more sustainably?  

TD: Fashion is very important. Not too long ago, many big fashion companies, like Gucci, said they would stop using fur. Others, like Burberry, have said they don’t sell unusual skins. I love that these more expensive names are finally making this change.

When I first went to Chicago to film Chicago Med, I learned much about sustainable and vegan fashion. I had never had to buy so many winter clothes before. After all, I lived in Los Angeles.

And it opened my eyes to see how winter coats are made. I love finding vegan alternatives to leather, wool, and down that also work. There are so many, and you can’t even tell the difference when you touch them. And now you can get leather made from apples, bananas, mushrooms, and bottles used before.

What brands do you believe in?

Angela Roi, Matt & Nat, Dauntless Apparel, and Christy Dawn are some of my favorite names. 

What about your skin? 

So many brands are removing animal testing, which is very important. Jane Iredale is my favorite because I love her so much. She only makes goods that don’t hurt animals, and her makeup is beautiful. And these days, many famous people wear her clothes on the red carpet. 

How are things on your farm now? 

Everything is excellent. About three years ago, I moved there. I’m growing both an apple tree and a pear tree. My barn is fixing up, and I will get some chickens and goats. All of the animals on my farms are just friends. It would help if you didn’t eat them.

I like living there because I can come home to peace when I’m not working. Ironically, we work so hard for simplicity, but I love it. It’s just a great place to heal.  

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