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Silver Certificate Dollars: A Brief History

Silver certificate dollars were a legal tender the United States government issued from 1878 to 1964. These bills were backed by silver, meaning the government promised to redeem them for silver bullion at a fixed rate. Silver certificates were popular with the public because they were seen as a more secure form of currency than paper money not backed by precious metal.

History of Silver Certificate Dollars

The first silver certificates were issued in 1878 in response to the Coinage Act of 1873, placing the United States on a gold standard. This act angered many silver miners and other interests, who argued that the government should continue minting silver coins. The silver certificates were seen as a way to appease these interests while maintaining the gold standard.

The silver certificates were initially redeemable for their face value in silver dollar coins. However, in 1964, the government ended the redemption of silver certificates for silver. This was due to several factors, including the rising price of silver and the increasing popularity of Federal Reserve Notes.

Features of Silver Certificate Dollars

Silver certificate dollars appeared similar to other types of paper currency the United States government issued. However, they had a few distinguishing features. First, they were printed with the words “Silver Certificate” on the face of the bill. Second, they had a blue seal on the back of the bill. Third, they were redeemable for silver bullion at a fixed rate.

Value of Silver Certificate Dollars

The value of silver certificate dollars today varies depending on the bill’s condition and the year it was issued. Uncirculated silver certificate dollars can be worth several hundred dollars or more. However, circulated silver certificate dollars are typically worth only their face value.

Collectors’ Interest in Silver Certificate Dollars

Silver certificate dollars are popular with collectors for several reasons. First, they are a reminder of a bygone era when paper currency was backed by silver. Second, they are often beautifully designed and printed. Third, they can be worth significant money in good condition.


Silver certificate dollars are a fascinating part of American history. They were a popular form of currency for many years and are still prized by collectors today. If you have a silver certificate dollar, you can be sure that it is a valuable piece of history.


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