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The Summoned To a Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

The Beginning of the Story

Keiki Kiryuu is called a “hero” in an alternative world to save the princess. But he’s just a high school kid who doesn’t care about girls. After Keiki can return to his world, he is still called upon daily. The same thing happens every time:

He is put in situations where his life is in danger, saves the day, and goes home. It looks like Keiki’s job as a hero is nothing but pain. But then he meets a girl who makes everything different…

About the People in the Story

The four main characters in this story are called to a different world. But they all come from different places and have different goals.

Sora is the story’s main character. She is a high school girl who has been called to a parallel world many times. Her goal is to find a way to get back home and stop being called back.

Aqua is a close friend of Sora’s. She has also been called to a different world but doesn’t know how or why. Aqua is kind and loving, but sometimes she does things without thinking.

Kairi is another close friend of Sora’s. She has never left the mirror world because she was born there. Kairi is strong and driven, but sometimes she acts without thinking.

Kairi’s big brother is Riku. He was also born in the parallel world but left when he was young and is now a powerful magician. Riku is profound and strong, but he can also be cold sometimes.

How Did They Get Called Upon?

Some people are born able to see past the veil of this world and talk to beings from other worlds. People start calling them “summoners.”

Some cultures think everyone can call, but it is a skill that must be developed. Summoners spend years studying and practicing to connect to other planes of existence and call creatures from those planes to do their orders.

Some people think that ghosts choose who will be a summoner. People say that when a spirit needs a body to take over or a tool to help it reach its goals, it will find a way to enter the summoner’s thoughts and bind itself to them.

No matter how they get it, they shouldn’t mess around with the power of calling. Those who use it must be careful not to call up something they can’t understand or control. Because when you deal with supernatural forces, you always risk losing yourself in the process.

The World Nearby

If you want a full explanation of the world where the characters end up:

This is a world where magic and other strange things always happen. The surroundings is green and full of life, with bright plants and animals all over the place. In this world, the sun is gorgeous, and the stars are said to shine so brightly at night that they can light up the sky for miles. There are also dangerous things in this world, like fierce animals and people with a lot of magic power.

Strange Animals and Things Found Inside

There have been stories of strange creatures and things that don’t seem to make sense. Some of these animals are so strange that they have become the stuff of myths, while others may be better known but are just as strange. Here are just a few of the strange animals and parts of our world that have been found:

It is said that the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, lives in the Himalayan mountains. There were first reports of the Yeti in the early 1800s, and people have continued to see it over the years.

The Yeti is said to be a big, hairy animal that looks like an ape. Some stories say it could be up to 10 feet tall. Even though there has never been any real proof that the Yeti exists, many people think it may be a relative of a type of ape that went extinct.

The Kraken is a mythical sea monster that is said to live in the water near Norway. The Kraken is said to be very big. Some accounts say it can grow up to 100 feet long. It is said to have limbs used to attack ships and drag them down to their deaths. Even though the Kraken has never been seen, many people think it may be based on real animals like squid or octopuses.

El Chupacabra is a creature said to come from Puerto Rico. People say it looks like a dog or

Problems that arise in this new setting

I was often called to an alternative world where I had to deal with two big problems.

The first was that there were always fights. It seems like there are always wars between different groups in this world. So, as soon as I got to this new world, I found myself in the middle of these fights. It was tiring to have to fight and try to stay alive all the time.

The second trouble had more to do with how he felt. It was trying to accept that no matter how hard I tried, I could never change the world in a way that would last. Every time I made some progress, something would happen to set everything back to how it was before. It was very disappointing and stressful.

Along the Way, Unexpected Friends or Foes Found

People often think they travel through life alone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are given chances to make new friends or enemies everywhere we go. Most of the time, these connections happen by accident.

We might be at war with someone we thought was a friend or become close with someone we thought was our enemy. All of this is part of the fun of living. It can be hard to figure out how to handle these situations, but that’s part of the fun.

Lessons I’ve Learned From Being Called In

You can learn many things when you are called to an alternative world. One can learn, for example, how to quickly adjust to a new environment, make friends with people who are different from them, and be creative when things go wrong.

You often have to be brave and face your fears head-on when called. People who are called often come out of these situations more muscular and more capable than before.


This chapter showed how our main character, Jinko, was called to a mirror world and how hard it was for him to figure out how things worked there. We found out about the monsters he has fought so far and the kinds of adventures he will have in the future.

Overall, this chapter set up a good idea that should keep readers interested as more chapters emerge. It’s clear that Jinoko still has a lot to learn about himself and this strange world. This makes each new chapter an exciting trip!


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