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What Are the Best Export Settings for Social Media Videos?

Are you interested in exporting videos for social media? Do you want to make sure that your videos go viral and get tons of views? If yes, then you should learn all about the best export settings.

Doing so can help you put video files together in a way where they can easily be transferred to social media apps. We want to help you figure out the best export settings so you can build a brand you’re proud of.

Be sure to read this guide as it will give you the knowledge you need to make great social media videos.

Video Format

It is important to select the right video converter to ensure the video will display correctly. Without doing this, some formats may appear distorted on social media and it could prevent viewers from watching the video due to slow speeds.

For example, Adobe Express also has a range of features to optimize video quality. It also has the best video converter to-MP4 which is easy to use and provides high-quality output. 


The most convenient and widely accepted resolution for social media videos is 720p (1280×720). It is small enough that it can quickly upload to most platforms, while still providing high-quality video for your audience.

This resolution offers a perfect balance of size and fidelity, so viewers don’t have to wait too long or struggle with low-quality footage. Another resolution is 1080p offers even better quality than 720p but may take longer to upload.

Video Codec

Popular choices include H.264, H.265, and VP9. Each has its own trade-offs between quality, encoding speed, and file size. H.264 is a widely accepted and supported codec and is the most commonly used, yet it has large files.

While H.265 offers better quality for the same size, it is not as widely supported and has a longer encoding time. VP9 is better than H.265 for quality and encoding times but not as widely supported and can lead to larger files.

Audio Settings

The best audio settings to export videos to social media are MP3 stereo files with a bitrate of 192 kbps. This audio set gives the best sound quality suitable for social media videos.

The bitrate is higher than most video settings, ensuring that your videos sound professional and clear. To ensure optimal quality, you should also use an audio mixer or software to edit your audio as you prefer before exporting. 

Duration and File Size

File size should be kept as small as possible to minimize the video loading time. The duration of the video is also important, depending on the social media platform.

For most platforms, videos should take no longer than a minute to keep viewers engaged. A shorter video will also minimize its file size, allowing it to be shared over multiple channels quickly and efficiently.

Using the Best Export Settings for Social Media Videos

For every social media post, creating content that will optimize the viewing experience for all users is important. This guide provides the best export settings for social media videos for the major platforms.

Utilizing the settings and considering each platform’s specific needs will give better visibility across different channels. Share your best video content today!

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