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What Are the Different Types of Penetration Testing?

Data breaches are among the most significant threats businesses and consumers face in the United States. Over 42 percent of people in the US were caught up in a data breach in 2022. Enhancing network security is one of the best methods to prevent these data breaches and compromised information.

Investing in enhanced security is an excellent start, but assuming your firewall and malware software are enough to keep the hackers out is risky. Learning about the different types of penetration testing is the best way to find any holes in your network security and fix them to prevent the loss of confidential data.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn about the different pen tests to try to prevent a data breach at your company. Continue reading to find the best pen test for your network services today!

External Network Pen Testing

The external network pen test focuses on the external information available about your company and external assets. The goal is to discover vulnerabilities in your network by using your organization’s public information. It’s also an excellent testing method to determine if you can enter the network through external assets.

These external assets include email, cloud-based servers and applications, and websites. You’ll find any weak areas and have the knowledge to fix them. It’s the best way to keep the hackers out and your company data secure.

The most common test method is hiring an ethical hacker to help. They’ll attempt to breach your firewall and enter your network using external information and assets. It’s the same method a malicious hacker will use to cause a data breach in your company.

Internal Network Pen Testing

Internal network pen testing focuses on the areas where the external pen tester ends. You must examine your organization’s interior defenses to ensure your bases are covered. The simulation assumes you have a malicious insider within your organization.

An ill-intentioned employee working for your business will have access to passwords and confidential information. Their internal access level puts your business data and customer information at risk.

These pen tests aim to determine how your network applications will work with a malicious hacker inside your company. The pen test will look at the confidential information accessed and provide recommendations on protecting that information. It’s an investment that is well worth the cost of penetration testing.

Social Engineering Testing

Your company’s staff is one of the most vulnerable areas to worry about when focused on preventing a data breach. Some types of penetration testing are dedicated to helping you prevent a data breach due to human error. You must know how susceptible your staff is to causing a data breach.

The process involves attempting to gain the trust of your employees. The hacker will trick the employees into sharing private company data. It could also affect the employee performing an act that exposes vulnerable data to the hacker.

The most prominent example of social engineering testing is Phishing scams. A fake email gets sent to your employees, hoping they’ll open the attachment without thinking. The attachment unleashes a virus into the network, allowing the hacker access to critical systems.

A hacker could pose as a manager using a fake email address and ask an employee to share log-in information. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Ensure your employees are trained on these scams to prevent data breaches.

Physical Penetration Testing

While most attacks occur over your network, you should still prepare for physical data penetration. An intruder can break into your building and access confidential data. The pen tester can test your physical defenses by posing as a delivery person.

They’ll gain access to your building and break into your office to look for vulnerabilities. The tester goes beyond physical theft with this testing method. It also prepares your business for hackers that use physical USB drives to upload malware onto company devices.

It’s one of the best types of penetration testing to stay on your toes. Remain vigilant to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless security breaches are another standard threat your business faces. You must secure your wireless internet network services to prevent data breaches. Hackers can use your network to eavesdrop on your business operations.

They’ll enter through a vulnerability in your network and monitor the data flowing through it. It’s one of the biggest threats facing your company’s data.

The situation is even worse due to technological advances. The least experienced hackers can access your wireless internet data. A pen tester will help you enjoy peace of mind that your wireless network services are secure.

Application Penetration Testing

If your business uses or develops multiple network applications, you should use application penetration testing. You need to know about the vulnerabilities within your applications to create sound defenses. The pen tester will look for flaws and gaps in your apps.

Missing patches and a lack of security protocol acts as an open door for hackers to access your network. The hacking techniques used to access apps evolve daily.

Using pen tests is the best way to adapt to the changes and keep your data safe. Test your new apps and ensure they’re free of vulnerabilities. Testing frequently helps you monitor changes and patch any holes in your network and applications.

Scanners aren’t enough to check for gaps in your apps. They’ll catch the easiest threats, but you’ll still be vulnerable to other attacks and hackers.

Use These Types of Penetration Testing Today

Using these types of penetration testing is critical to your organization’s security. Application testing will look for gaps in security within your application’s code. Physical pen testers will pose as delivery people and assess your business’s vulnerability to physical attacks. Using internal, external, and wireless pen testing is best to prevent data breaches on your network services.

Technology evolves daily, and you need to evolve with it to keep your data secure. Explore more of our Business and Technology blog content to grow your business and protect data today! 


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