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Is Lipoma Removal Covered by Insurance?

Did you know that lipomas can often be found in humans? This disease is much less dangerous than many others but still noticeable. As such, many people look into lipoma removal as a sort of medical fix.

That said, it does come at quite a hefty price. You may be wondering, “Is lipoma removal covered by insurance?”. You may want to make the best decision for your wallet and your health.

Listed below is our guide to whether lipoma removal is covered by insurance or not, along with some more information on the matter. Let’s get started milkwitcheast

Is Lipoma Removal Covered by Insurance?

In many cases, insurance companies may cover the removal of lipomas if it is considered medically necessary. Insurance companies often cover the removal of lipomas if they meet specific criteria, such as:

Medical Necessity

If a lipoma is causing pain, discomfort, or functional impairment, it may be considered medically necessary to remove it. Additionally, if a lipoma is suspected of being cancerous or causing other health concerns, insurance is more likely to cover the procedure.

However, if the lipoma is purely for cosmetic reasons and does not pose any medical risks, insurance might not cover the removal. It could be considered elective or cosmetic surgery. For more information about lipoma removal and other dermatology procedures, you can visit the top dermatology, at Greco Dermatology.

Size and Location

The size, location, and type of lipomas can determine whether or not insurance covers their removal. Generally, smaller lipomas located in places such as near the armpits or abdomen can be covered. However, if the lipoma is abnormally large or located in a difficult-to-reach area, removal may not be covered.

It is important to check with your insurer before seeking treatment. Also, regardless of size and location, the physician performing the procedure must be in-network and the doctor must agree with the insurance cover.

Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is the insurance company’s way of making sure that it covers the cost of lipoma removal. They require a number of pieces of information, such as the patient’s medical history and the provider’s clinical diagnosis. This information helps them determine if the procedure is medically necessary and if they are willing to cover the cost.

While it’s not guaranteed that the insurance will cover the cost of the removal, it’s worth the effort to find out. Most likely, they will at least pay a portion of it.

In some cases, the doctor or hospital may have contacts with other insurers. This makes it even easier to find a policy that covers the cost.

Understand Your Coverage Details

Is lipoma removal covered by insurance? Lipoma removals are generally covered by some insurance companies. However, policies may vary from one individual to another.

It is best to consult with your provider beforehand to understand the specifics of your policy and coverage. If you need assistance navigating the process, contact your insurance provider for help.

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