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From Vine to Glass: Arianna Occhipinti’s Natural Winemaking Philosophy

Arianna Occhipinti is synonymous with a new wave of winemaking in Sicily. Her commitment to crafting exceptional wines using natural and sustainable practices has garnered international recognition and admiration. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Arianna Occhipinti, from her vineyards to the glass, as she embodies the true essence of natural winemaking.

The Beginnings of a Winemaking Prodigy

Now, you can easily get your Occhipinti wine bottles online, but know that Arianna’s journey in the world of winemaking began at a young age. Born into an Italian family deeply rooted in viticulture, she inherited a profound connection to the land and an early fascination with grapes. Her passion for the craft led her to study oenology and viticulture in Milan where she gained the technical expertise needed to complement her innate understanding of the vineyards.

The Terroir of Sicily

One of the cornerstones of Arianna’s philosophy is her profound respect for Sicilian terroir. Located in the Ragusa region, her vineyards benefit from a unique combination of volcanic soils, ample sunshine, and cooling sea breezes. This terroir contributes to the distinctive character of her wines, showcasing the essence of Sicily in every glass.

Occhipinti Embracing Biodynamics

Arianna Occhipinti is renowned for her unwavering commitment to biodynamic winemaking. Her vineyards are cultivated with minimal intervention, using organic and biodynamic principles. She believes that nurturing the ecosystem of the vineyard is fundamental to producing wines that are a genuine reflection of their origin.

The Harvest and Winemaking Process of Occhipinti

Occhipinti’s winemaking process is a labor of love. She hand-harvests her grapes to ensure that only the finest fruit makes its way into her wines. The fermentation occurs naturally with native yeast and the use of sulfur is minimal. The result is wines that express the purest characteristics of the grape varieties she cultivates.

Rediscovering Sicilian Varietals

Arianna is known for her dedication to indigenous Sicilian grape varieties such as Frappato and Nero d’Avola. She has played a significant role in reviving these historic grapes, bringing them to the forefront of the wine world. Her expertise in working with these grape varieties showcases their full potential and contributes to the preservation of Sicilian wine heritage.

Natural Wines with Character

Occhipinti’s natural winemaking philosophy results in wines with distinct personalities. Her reds are marked by vibrant fruit, balanced acidity and an elegant structure. The whites exude freshness and minerality. These wines offer a genuine taste of Sicily in every sip and have earned her a devoted following of wine enthusiasts.

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